Hi, Pathetically

You have no idea how many times I’ve bought a dry falafel, chickpea or avocado-based sandwich. Ate it, begrudgingly. And then spotted a Boots as I’m finishing off my last bite. Forget Pret. Forget M&S. Boots is where it’s at. In fact, they should have big signs outside their front doors, saying “Home of the Vegan All Day Breakfast.”

The sandwich is amazing. A work of art. A perfect cruelty free replication of the all-day breakfast sandwiches I used to enjoy. All the flavours are there. Cumberland-style meat-free sausage, scrambled turmeric tofu, tomato and ketchup. And they all taste just like the real thing.

The sandwich was launched in January and unsurprisingly it was so popular it’s now “here to stay.” So make a mental night. Next time you’re looking through M&S’ underwhelming, overpromising range of vegan sandwiches. Or about to consider a Pret Falafel, Avo and Chipotle flatbread. Boots’ Vegan All Day Breakfast is where it’s at. My current go-to favourite.

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