Hi, Pathetically

There isn’t really a Waitrose on my regular beat. So whenever I’m in one of the bigger stores I walk the aisles slack-jawed, bewildered by the sheer range and depth of vegan options available. Last time I was in the St Katharine’s Dock mega-store I picked up a tub of Waitrose Vegan Style Green Pesto With Basil. And a box of Ritz crackers.

I have made vegan pesto myself. With nutritional yeast. And it’s delicious. But it’s slightly different than the classic basil pesto taste and texture I remember. Instead of nutritional yeast, Waitrose’s version uses various starches – and even rice protein – to replicate that cheesy parmesan tang and velvety consistency that makes a perfect pesto. And it’s right on the money.

It’s fluffy. It’s lemony. It’s nutty. And it’s irresistible. I literally couldn’t put the tub down until it was all gone. Along with my box of Ritz crackers.

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